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Flowers from A to Z you pick what you like, how many and when.
"Flowers For People On The Go" is our motto. In this fast-paced world, its comforting to know that there are still things that can bring comfort and joy. Flowers are an easy way to uplift ourselves and our environments at the same time. Let us help you in finding the right flowers for you. 



Succulents we all love them; they're easy to grow and makes even those without a green thumb honorary members. Potted or in a found container; let us inspire you with one of our designs or we can create something for you. We also offer select seasonal plants that vary throughout the year. Looking for something specific, let us know. Contact us for any tips in selection or maintenance you may need as well. 



Confined to a limited space but long for a garden? Miniature potted gardens can fill that need. This allows you to bring the beauty of a garden space into your environment. We're experts at this and good listeners in fulfilling your needs. They're easy to maintain and no lawnmowers needed.



We provide an eclectic variety of found pieces that can be reused and repurposed for your personal needs. It could be a whimsical figure, a beautiful vase or a rustic crate . Our hope is to inspire or create something for you. Also we offer a selection of both local and artisan created items for you to enjoy and experience.


Succulent and Cactus care in the home

The Succulents in pots and that do not have any drainage must completely dry out before each. Check the soil if the soil is completely dry then a small amount of water will be needed. (I like to water the base of the succulent and not the plant itself, keep water off the plant if possible) The water must dampen the soil, but not saturate it. If soil is saturated or spongy for too long the succulent will rot.

Succulents that are planted in wood or in other well drained vessels can be watered a little more often. when wood is the base of the succulents the wood absobs a lot of moisture; In this case a good bath is the best. Fill your tub or sink of water, take the wood piece and dunk into the water for about a minute; just to “the stem” of the succulent meets the soil and the soil meet.  If moss is around the stem of the plant and the moss is damp then this would be a great gage that the succulent is adequately watered. The moss keeps the moisture in and will allow the succulent water without over watering.

Repeat this process every three weeks, maybe more depending on how much direct sun or indirect sun the succulent is getting. Also keep in mind; that if the heat is on inside the home the succulent will dry out more quickly than without it on. Always check the soil for total dryness before watering.

To keep the succulent always looking great, you can pinch off any dead leaves or wilted leaves. This will ensure any energy the succulent is getting is not being loss where not needed.

The above protocols are the same for any cactus that may be in the home, although a cactus can dry out for a longer amount of time before water starvation sits in…they are a little hardier then most succulents.

You may bring a succulent back from drought but nearly impossible from over watering



If there are orchids in your home treat the watering protocols like the succulents that are planted on wood or in well-drained soil. Orchids do not like their roots to be sitting in water for any long periods of time. Well drained soil and damp roots are best for orchids.

Any orchid blossoms that are looking wilted or dead maybe pinched off or cut off where the blossom meets the long stem. This again will ensure a longer and happier orchid.

If at all possible, keep all the plants mentioned above out of the direct sun light this will ensure a longer lasting and healthier plant.

Any plants that are outdoors on a patio or ledge must be moved inside during the Winter months when the temperature falls to 38 degrees or less. Most except the orchid can with stand high temperatures, but once again if these plants are left outside in hot direct sun they will burn, dry out, and eventually die if left unattended. The Cactus will be the one exception to the hot temperatures. Again, the cactus in these settings are decorative and may not withstand their surroundings like in their natural habitat. So please bring inside the home. If you are not sure. Better to be safe then Sorry. And bring the plant inside.

If any issues persist, please contact us. We are here to help.




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Reno has always been the backyard of my life, both literally and figuratively. Thier are wonderful memories of family, cookouts, being stuck on highway 80, inner tube rides on irrigation waterways; anything to stay cool in the summer. Or just listening To "Do You Think I'm Sexy"over and over again in  my uncles basement.

I'm Charlie I'VE lived and worked in LA, San Diego, Sacramento and most recently the Bay area. After working many years in the health care industry I decided  to move in a new direction AND FINALLY PURSUE MY LOVE OF FLOWERS PLANTS AND SUCCULENTS. so With partner and dog Chloe, WE packed up and moved to where else but Reno. 

i'VE embraced this new exciting path known as The Stem. Creating it has been an incredible gifT;to be able to do something I'M passionate about and love at the same time. Please join ME at The Stem to experience flowers, plants, succulents, and unique gifts FOR YOURSELF OR to share and love with family and friends.



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